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PS-21-3 – Pharmacological Targeting of the DNA Damage Response Pathway Improves 177Lu-PSMA617 Radioligand Therapy in a Prostate Cancer Mouse Model (#189)

A. D. Stuparu1, K. Lückerath1, S. L. Evans Axelsson1, J. R. Capri1, C. Mona1, F. Ceci1, S. Poddar1, T. M. Le1, E. Abt1, L. Wei1, M. Eiber1, W. P. Fendler1, J. Calais1, K. Herrmann1, C. G. Radu1, R. Slavik1, J. Czernin1

Session: PS-21 - Understand Tumour Biology
Date: Friday, 23 March, 2018, 8:30 AM
Room: Lecture Room 01 | level -1 (Room 01)