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PS-02-2 – Preclinical Evaluation of a Novel Radiolabeled Molecule (FPy-Gal) as an Emerging Tumor Senescence PET Tracer (#91)

B. Zhou1, J. Cotton1, K. Wolter2, A. Kuehn1, K. Fuchs1, A. Maurer1, L. Zender2, M. A. Krueger1, B. J. Pichler1

Session: PS-02 - New Tools for Cancer Imaging
Date: Wednesday, 21 March, 2018, 1:30 PM
Room: Lecture Room 02 | level -1 (Room 02)

# 243 – 18F-FDG PET as Diagnosis and Therapy Monitoring Tool for Indolent Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Mice Model (#342)

C. Penalba1, G. Garaulet1, A. Ortega-Gil1, G. Visdomine1, S. Leal1, T. Álvarez1, A. Efeyan1, F. Mulero1

Session: PW-28 - Oncology | Solutions to unmet clinical need
Date: Friday, 23 March, 2018, 11:30 AM
Room: Banquet Hall | level -1 (Banquet Hall)