2019 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference
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Keyword Contributions
(e n) reaction JS-02-06
(e xn)reaction R-01-02
1-d detectors N-02-05
12-n #2098
137cs N-38-04
14 mev neutrons JS-01-06R-07-03
18f-fdg R-03-04
2.5d MIC-18-02
2.5d assembly MIC-18-02
22na R-03-04
235u abundance JS-02-06
2d soft x-ray detector JS-02-06
2d-3d dir R-12-04
3 gamma imaging MIC-18-02#1753
3-d position sensing JS-01-04
3d N-06-01#1285R-07-04
3d c-gans #2200
3d detector N-02-03MIC-18-06
3d detectors R-07-04
3d digital silicon photomultiplier R-02-01
3d dose measurement MIC-18-02
3d gamma-ray imaging JS-02-06R-06-05
3d mapping R-01-02
3d position-sensitive detector R-01-02
3d printer JS-02-06
3d printing MIC-18-02R-12-04R-12-04R-06-03
3d segmentation MIC-18-02
3d silicon sensor R-02-05
3d-ic MIC-17-06
3he alternative JS-02-06
40×40×15 mm3 N-38-04
4d MIC-18-02
4d de-noising R-12-04
4d image registration MIC-18-02
4d particle tracking #1470
4d reconstruction R-12-04
4d reconstuction R-12-04
4d tracking JS-02-06
4h-sic N-38-04#1624
4h-sic epitaxial layer N-38-04R-06-04
4π imaging JS-02-06JS-02-06
4π view R-01-02
7t mr compatible N-33-03
90sr N-38-04
90sr detectors N-38-04
a gas electron multiplier (gem) M-08-02
a small number of projections R-03-04
a-si:h R-01-02
absorbed dose model R-12-04
absorbed dose rate N-24-04
acceleration MIC-18-03
acquisition R-12-04
acrt MIC-18-04
acrylic disk JS-02-06
active interrogation JS-02-06R-01-02
active neutron detector JS-02-06R-05-02
active photon interrogation R-01-02
active pixel sensors M-08-05
active pole-zero compensation R-12-04
acute ischemic stroke R-12-04R-12-04
adaptispect #2629
adaptispect-c MIC-18-02
adaptive R-03-04#2629
adaptive boosting strategy MIC-18-02
adaptive design R-03-05
adaptive imaging N-21-02
adaptive multi-pinhole collimators R-12-04
adaptive radiation therapy (art) R-12-04
adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction MIC-18-02
adc JS-02-06#2291#2190
adc drivers R-02-01
addc JS-02-06
adversarial N-33-05
afterglow JS-02-06
agata JS-02-06
aging R-01-02
ai #2277
ald R-01-02
algan R-02-05
algebraic reconstruction techniques R-10-04
alice R-07-04
alignment R-09-02
all-digital pet MIC-18-02R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04
alpha N-38-04
alpha particle detection JS-02-06JS-02-06
alpha particles #1943N-38-04
alpha spectroscopy N-38-04
alpha-particle R-01-02
alpha/beta detector JS-02-06
alpide chip R-07-04
alzheimer's disease R-12-04R-12-04
amego JS-02-06
amias MIC-18-02
amorphous selenium #1546JS-02-04
amorphous silicon #2140
amyloid R-12-04
analog digital processing R-01-02
analog electronics R-01-02
analog front-end JS-02-06
analog front-ends R-02-01
analog integrated circuits JS-02-06
analog pulse processor R-05-03
analog to digital converter MIC-17-04
analog-digital conversion (adc) JS-02-06
analogue channel JS-02-06
analogue pixel R-07-04
analysis MIC-18-02
and cmos-based flat-panel detector MIC-18-02
angiography R-09-04
angular resolution R-01-02
angular response function R-03-04
angular sampling MIC-18-02
angular sensitivity JS-02-06
annealing JS-02-06R-02-03
annihilation gamma MIC-18-02
annihilation position #1842
anomaly detection JS-02-06
anti-angiogenic R-12-04
anti-collimator shield JS-02-06
anti-reflectivity film JS-02-06
anti-scatter grid N-38-04
antialiasing R-12-04
anticollimator R-01-02
antineutrino detection R-01-02
antineutrinos R-01-02R-01-02
aperiodic radiating irises R-01-02
application software JS-02-06
application specific integrated circuits JS-02-06R-01-02
arm advanced extensible interface JS-02-06
array JS-02-06
art JS-02-06
artifact reduction MIC-18-02
artificial intelligence MIC-17-04N-33-02
artificial neural network R-03-04
artificial neural networks R-03-02
asic MIC-17-04MIC-17-06MIC-18-02JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06#1809#2291#2190R-02-05R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02
asic. MIC-18-02
asics R-03-04R-05-02
aso-s R-01-02
assembly JS-02-06
associated particle imaging JS-01-06R-07-03
associated particle technique R-10-02
astatine-211 MIC-18-02
asteroid R-07-05
astronomy MIC-18-06
astrophysics JS-02-06M-08-05N-21-01R-01-02R-01-02R-07-05R-07-05R-07-05
asymmetric endoscopic pet R-03-04
atca R-05-01
atlas JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06N-21-01R-09-05
atlas detector R-09-05
atlas experiment JS-02-06
atlas itk R-01-04
atlas tile calorimeter R-05-01
atlas-based R-03-04
atomic data M-08-01M-08-03M-15-05M-15-03
atomic physics R-01-02
attention u-net N-33-02
attenuation R-03-04
attenuation correctioin #1567
attenuation correction MIC-18-02R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04
attenuation correnction R-12-04
attribute measurement JS-02-06
attribution R-10-04
aucl3 N-38-04
automated lesion segmentation R-12-04
automatic feedback reset R-01-02
automatic hyper-parameter MIC-18-03
automation JS-02-06
avalanche gain JS-02-04
avalanche multiplication #1470
avalanche photodiode JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02
avalanche pixel sensor R-09-01
avalanche selenium R-12-04
awake animal imaging R-03-04
awake animal pet R-03-04
axial field-of-view MIC-18-02
axion R-07-03
axion dark matter experiment (admx) R-01-02
axions R-01-02
b-factory N-21-01
back projection R-01-02
back-projected relative variance MIC-18-03
back-projection then filtering (bpf) R-12-04
back-scatter imaging N-38-04
background JS-02-06R-07-05
background radiation R-10-04
backpack R-01-02
backscattered x-ray R-12-04
baf2 JS-01-03R-01-03
baf2 scintillator R-02-05
balanced ssfp R-03-04
balloon experiment JS-02-06R-09-01
bamgf4 R-01-02
bandgap N-38-04
bandgap reference R-01-02
barzilai-borwein step size R-03-04
bayesian image reconstruction MIC-18-03
bayesian reconstruction. R-03-04
bcst R-01-02
beam diagnostics #2631
beam filter MIC-18-02
beam hardening R-03-04R-01-02
beam monitor R-05-02
beam monitoring MIC-18-02
beam monitors R-05-02
beam range monitoring MIC-18-02R-12-04
beam structure R-02-04
beam telescope JS-02-06R-02-05
beam test R-01-02R-02-03
benchmark testing JS-01-06
bent crystals N-38-04
beta particles MIC-18-02
beta probe JS-02-06
beta radionuclides R-03-04
beta ray detection R-01-02
beta spectrometry R-01-02
beta spectroscopy R-01-02#2023
beta-divergence R-03-04
beta-gamma spectroscopy JS-02-06
bgan N-38-04
bgo MIC-18-01
bgo/lyso MIC-18-02
bi phase co2 JS-02-06
biomarker R-03-05
biomedical application R-12-04
biomedical applications of radiation MIC-18-02
biomedical imaging MIC-18-02
bismuth germanate (bgo) MIC-18-01
blackbox JS-02-06
block detector M-12-01
blocking contacts R-11-05
blood flow-metabilism mismatch R-12-04
bnct MIC-18-02R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04JS-02-06
bone density R-12-04
bone mineral density (bmd) R-12-04
bone spect R-03-04
bonner sphere spectrometer JS-02-06
boron nanoparticles #1689
boron neutron capture therapy R-01-02R-05-02
boron-coated straw JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02
bowsher prior MIC-18-02
bragg ionization chamber JS-02-06
bragg magnifier #2762
bragg peak MIC-18-02R-12-04R-12-04
bragg-dip imaging R-11-03
brain MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04
brain disease MIC-18-02
brain imaging R-03-04R-12-04R-12-04
brain perfusion R-12-04
brain perfusion spect MIC-18-02R-12-04
brain pet MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-11-01R-11-02R-12-04R-12-04R-01-02
brain pet insert N-33-03
brain tumor R-12-04
brain tumor segmentation R-03-04
brain-dedicated stand-alone pet R-03-04
brain-pet R-12-04
breakdown voltage JS-02-06
breast cancer R-03-05R-12-04R-12-04N-33-03
breast computed tomography MIC-18-02R-12-04
breast ct MIC-18-02
breast imaging R-03-04N-33-03
breast pet N-33-03
breast phantom R-03-04
breathing motion R-12-04
bremsstrahlung x-ray R-03-04
bremsstrahulung x-ray R-12-04
bridgeman technique JS-02-06
brightness R-01-01
bubble error R-01-02
bump bonding JS-01-03
c++ M-12-01
c-11 MIC-18-02
c-14 R-12-04
c-arm ct MIC-18-02MIC-18-02
cadence R-12-04
cadmium telluride R-03-03N-38-04
cadmium telluride (cdte) JS-01-04
cadmium zinc telluride R-09-04R-12-04N-38-04
cadmium zinc telluride (czt) R-12-04N-38-04
cadmium zinc telluride selenide R-11-05
caen MIC-17-06
caf2 JS-02-06
calibration R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04R-12-04#1013JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02
calorimeter JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-04N-24-04
calorimeters R-06-01
calorimetry R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-05-01#1991
camera MIC-17-04
cancer R-03-04R-12-04
cancer diagnostic indicators N-02-03
cancer surgery MIC-18-02
cancer therapy R-03-04
carbon nanotubes N-38-04
carbon therapy N-38-04
carbon-ion beam monitoring R-12-04
carbon-ion radiotherapy MIC-18-02
carbon-ion therapy MIC-18-02
carbon-ions R-03-04
cardiac R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04
cardiac imaging R-03-04R-12-04
cardiac pet R-03-04
cardiac pet system MIC-18-02
cardiology R-12-04
cardiovascular N-33-02
cargo containers R-01-02R-10-02
cargo inspection JS-02-06
cargo radiography N-21-02
carrier lifetime N-38-04MIC-18-04
carrier transport N-38-04
carry chain R-01-02
cascaded u-net N-33-02
cathodoluminescence N-38-04
cbct R-12-04N-33-03
cbm experiment JS-02-06
ccd R-01-02R-01-02
ccd image sensors JS-01-03JS-02-06M-08-02
ccds JS-02-06
cci tlbr R-11-03
cd(0.9)zn(0.1)te (czt) crystals N-38-04
cdmnte nuclear detectors N-38-04
cds R-01-02
cdte MIC-17-06M-08-05JS-02-04JS-02-04JS-02-04N-38-04N-38-04N-38-04N-38-04MIC-18-04MIC-18-04MIC-18-06MIC-18-06MIC-18-06R-11-05R-06-04
cdte detectors R-06-02
cdte pixel detector N-38-04
cdznsete MIC-18-04
cdznte JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02N-38-04N-38-04N-38-04N-38-04N-38-04MIC-18-04MIC-18-04MIC-18-04MIC-18-06MIC-18-06R-11-05R-06-02
cdznte detector JS-02-06M-08-05
cdznte detectors MIC-18-04
cdznte radiation detector N-38-04
cdzntese N-38-04R-11-05
cebr3 R-12-04
cell cluster tracking N-06-02
center of gravity algorithm MIC-18-02
centroiding R-03-04R-12-04
ceramics R-01-03
cerenkov R-11-03
cerenkov (cherenkov) MIC-18-01
cerenkov detector N-21-02
cerenkov luminescence imaging (cli) R-12-04
cerenkov luminescence tomography R-03-04
cerenkov radiation R-03-03
cerenkov-light MIC-18-02R-03-04
cesium hafnium chloride R-01-02
cfd R-01-02
channel reduction R-03-04
characterisation M-12-02
characterization #2140
characterization set up JS-02-06
charge cancellation JS-02-06
charge collection JS-01-03R-11-05
charge coupled device M-08-05
charge diffusion JS-01-03
charge division #1393
charge generation and transport #2321
charge measurement R-01-02
charge multiplication R-09-01
charge sensitive amplifier JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06
charge sharing R-12-04JS-02-04JS-02-04N-38-04N-38-04N-38-04
charge sharing correction MIC-17-06
charge transfer inefficiency M-08-05
charge transport N-38-04R-11-05
charge-integrating JS-02-04
charge-integrating electronics JS-02-06
charge-to-digital converter R-01-02
charged particle R-01-02
chemical exchange saturation transfer (cest) R-03-04
chemical passivation R-11-05
chemotherapy prediction model R-03-04
cherenkov #1652MIC-18-01R-03-04JS-02-06
cherenkov counter R-01-02R-06-01
cherenkov counters N-38-04
cherenkov detector JS-01-05JS-02-06
cherenkov detectors R-09-05
cherenkov radiation R-01-02R-01-02
chest ct MIC-18-02
chest radiograph MIC-18-02
chip on board JS-02-06
chrystal growth N-38-04
cinphonie R-01-02
circulating tumor cell N-06-02
cis R-01-02
citiroc MIC-17-02
citiroc-1a JS-02-06
classification MIC-18-02
clfv JS-02-06
clinical dose level R-03-04
clinical insert #2300
clinical trials MIC-18-02
cllb MIC-17-05
cllbc JS-01-05JS-01-05R-06-05R-10-02#2504
clock distribution R-01-02
clock synchronization R-01-02
close spaced sublimation N-38-04
cluster R-03-04
clustering R-12-04R-05-01
clyc R-01-02
clyc scintillator JS-02-06
cmos R-03-04N-06-01JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06#2215M-08-05N-02-05R-01-02R-02-04R-05-03R-05-03R-05-03R-09-01
cmos camera R-01-02
cmos image sensor R-03-03
cmos image sensors R-03-04JS-02-06R-01-02
cmos imager R-01-02
cmos monlithic image sensor R-07-04
cmos spad #2130
cmos technology R-03-03
cmos. JS-02-06
cms JS-02-06JS-02-06#1809R-01-02R-09-05
cms cern R-01-02
cnn MIC-18-02R-03-04R-12-04N-33-05
cnr MIC-18-02R-12-04JS-02-06MIC-18-06
co-doping R-01-02
co-occurrence matrix R-03-04
coated micro-particles R-10-03
coating JS-02-06
code-density test JS-02-06
coded aperature R-06-05
coded aperture R-01-02R-01-02R-10-03
coded aperture imaging N-21-02
coded apertures R-02-04
coincidence MIC-18-02R-12-04JS-02-06
coincidence counting R-05-01
coincidence detection JS-02-06R-01-02
coincidence sorting method R-12-04
coincidence time resolution #1652R-03-04R-12-04R-01-01
coincidence timing resolution R-12-04R-01-02
collaboration M-12-02
collection efficiency R-01-02
collector ring (c-ring) JS-02-06
collimated γ-camera N-21-01
collimation R-03-04N-33-03
collimator R-03-04N-33-03
column-parallel adc R-02-04
combined analysis R-01-02
combined kinetic modelling MIC-18-02
comet R-09-05
commissioning and installation R-09-05
compact R-03-04
compact field point M-12-02
compact muon solenoid R-01-02
compact readout R-01-02
compact superconducting cyclotron R-10-02
compartmental model MIC-18-02R-12-04
compartmental modeling. R-12-04
compilations M-08-01
composites R-01-01
compound semiconductor MIC-17-06
compound semiconductors N-38-04
comprehensive model MIC-18-02
compressed sensing R-03-04R-01-02R-01-02
compressed singram R-03-04
compton #2172
compton camera MIC-17-04N-02-03MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04R-12-04JS-02-06M-08-05N-21-01R-01-02R-06-05R-06-05N-38-04N-38-04
compton gamma camera #1994
compton imager JS-02-06
compton imaging #1994MIC-18-02R-11-01R-12-04#2114N-06-02JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02N-38-04
compton polarization #2570
compton scattering R-01-02
compton telescope MIC-18-02#1753
compton-pet MIC-18-02
computed tomographic colonography R-03-04
computed tomography MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04#2534#2546#2527R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04JS-01-06JS-02-06R-01-03R-10-03
computed tomography (ct) R-01-02
computer vision R-03-04JS-02-06
computing JS-01-01
conditional probability R-03-04
conditioning N-38-04
cone beam ct R-12-04R-12-04
cone-beam artifact MIC-18-02
cone-beam computed tomography #2527
cone-beam computed tomography (cbct) MIC-18-02
configurable system MIC-17-05
confocal microscopy R-01-02
conformal mesh R-01-02
contact type N-38-04
contactless resistivity MIC-18-04
contamination detection JS-02-06
contextual data JS-02-06
continuous bed motion MIC-18-02R-12-04
continuous crystals R-12-04
continuous-bed-motion MIC-18-02
continuum robots M-12-02
contraband detection JS-02-06
contrast recovery estimation #1238
contrast recovery. R-03-04
control system JS-02-06
convolution neural network R-03-04R-03-04
convolutional autoencoder R-01-02
convolutional neural network MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04N-33-05R-03-02
convolutional neural networks MIC-18-02R-03-04M-12-01
coolant system JS-01-01
cooling JS-02-06
cooling system JS-02-06
coplanar grid geometry N-38-04
coplanar readout MIC-18-05
coronary flow reserve R-03-04
correction #2501
correlation measurements JS-02-06
cosmic muon veto R-06-01
cosmic rays R-01-02R-07-05
cosmic-ray muon JS-02-06
count rate R-12-04R-06-03
count rate and thickness sensitivity N-38-04
count-rate R-11-01
cramer-rao lower bound #1546
cramér-rao theory R-12-04
cross delay lines R-05-03
cross section M-08-01R-01-02
cross-luminescence R-01-03
crosstalk JS-02-06JS-02-06
cry19 JS-02-06
cryocooler R-01-02
cryogenic electronics R-02-01R-02-05
cryogenic scintillatros R-01-02
cryogenic sipm JS-01-05
crystal R-06-03
crystal defects N-38-04MIC-18-04
crystal efficiencies MIC-18-02
crystal efficiency MIC-18-02
crystal growth JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02N-38-04N-38-04
crystal length MIC-18-02
crystal pixel identification R-03-04
crystal quality evaluation R-11-03
crystal scatter MIC-18-02
crystallize materials JS-02-06
crystals JS-01-03R-02-03R-06-01
cs2liycl6:ce3+ (clyc) crystal R-01-02
csa JS-02-06
csfama MIC-18-05
csi JS-02-06R-01-02
csi self-activation method JS-02-06
csi(na) crystals MIC-17-04
csi(tl) JS-02-06
csi(tl) crystals MIC-17-04
csns back-n JS-02-06
cspbbr3 MIC-18-05
csznsete N-38-04
ct MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04R-12-04N-33-05#1054
ct imaging quality MIC-18-02
ct perfusion MIC-18-02R-03-04#2200
ct prior R-03-04
ct reconstruction MIC-18-02MIC-18-02
ctbto R-01-02
cte R-01-02
cti R-01-02
ctr #1546MIC-18-01R-02-05R-01-03
cuda JS-02-06
curved scintillator array R-03-04
cyclegan N-33-05
cyclotron JS-01-03
czochralski method R-01-02
czt #2361MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02#1054JS-01-04JS-01-04N-38-04N-38-04N-38-04R-06-02R-06-04
czt detector N-06-02
czt detectors JS-02-04N-38-04N-38-04
czt spectrometer N-38-04
czt, photon counting #1878
damage R-06-03
daq MIC-17-02MIC-17-05R-03-04JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06N-21-01N-21-01N-21-01R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-05-01
daq system R-05-01
dark count rate JS-02-06R-01-02
dark current MIC-18-05
dark matter JS-01-05JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02R-09-05
dark noise JS-01-05
dart #1943
data acquisition JS-02-06R-02-05R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02
data acquisition system JS-02-06
data acquisition. R-01-02
data analysis algorithms MIC-17-04
data compression R-01-04
data consistency conditions #2359
data correction R-03-04
data driven R-03-04R-03-04
data engineering R-12-04
data evaluation M-15-05
data fusion JS-02-06R-10-04
data libraries M-08-03M-15-02M-15-03
data library M-15-03
data process MIC-18-02
data processing M-12-01
data-driven R-03-04#1412#2677
data-driven gating #1567
database M-15-02
dataflow JS-02-06
datscan R-12-04
dce-mri MIC-18-02R-12-04
dcnn R-12-04
dcpct protocol R-03-04
de-noising N-33-05
dead time R-02-04R-05-01
dead time correction R-05-01
dead-time correction MIC-18-02
decay time #1317
decision tree algorithms R-03-04
decommissioning R-01-02M-12-02M-12-02
decontamination R-06-05R-10-04
deconvolution R-01-02R-01-02
dect R-03-04R-01-02
deep convolutional neural network R-12-04R-12-04
deep convolutional neural network. R-03-04
deep learning MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-03R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-11-02R-11-02R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04#1292#1567N-33-05N-33-05N-33-05N-33-05R-03-02R-03-02N-33-02
deep level transient spectroscopy (dlts) N-38-04R-06-04
deep levels R-11-05
deep neural network R-12-04
deep neural networks MIC-18-02
deeplearning R-12-04
defect level analysis N-38-04
defect structure N-38-04
deformable image registration MIC-18-02MIC-18-02
deformable image registration (dir) R-12-04
delay generator R-01-02
delay time R-11-02
delay-line R-01-02
delayed fission gamma-ray R-01-02
delayed gamma-ray spectroscopy JS-01-06
delayed neutrons JS-02-06
dementia R-12-04
dementias platform uk #2348
demyelinating MIC-18-02
denoising MIC-18-02R-12-04
density N-38-04R-06-04
density functional theory M-08-01
density functional theory (dft) N-38-04
dental application JS-02-06
dental cone beam computed tomography R-12-04
depleted maps R-07-04
depleted monolithic active pixel sensors #1416
depletion depth M-08-05
depth of interaction MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-01R-11-01R-03-04R-12-04
depth of interaction (doi) R-03-04JS-02-06R-01-02
depth of interaction(doi) R-03-04
depth-encoding detector R-09-04
depth-of-interaction #2254MIC-18-02
depth-profiling R-06-05
design tools R-12-04
detection M-12-02
detection algorithm R-01-02
detection efficiency N-33-03R-02-03R-09-02
detection system MIC-17-02
detection system calibration JS-02-06
detector MIC-17-06MIC-18-02JS-02-06R-01-02JS-01-04N-38-04M-12-02
detector calibration R-01-02
detector construction and commissioning R-07-04
detector design MIC-18-01
detector modeling R-06-03
detector modelling and simulations R-01-02
detector optimization R-12-04
detector readout systems MIC-18-06
detector response R-12-04
detector spatial characterization MIC-18-06
detector system JS-02-06
detector systems JS-02-06
detector technologies R-12-04
detectors R-03-04R-03-04JS-02-06#1285N-02-05JS-01-04
detectors for mixed radiation fields #1240
detects cherenkov light R-01-02
deterministic M-08-03
device fabrication N-38-04
device/detector #1849
diagnostic analysis MIC-18-02
diagnostic radiography R-03-04
diamond #1285
diamond detector R-03-03
diamond detectors #2631
diamond semiconductor R-01-02
diamonddetector JS-02-06
dielectric disc R-07-03
dielectrics R-12-04
different types of radiations #1317
differential calorimeter JS-01-06
differential die-away R-01-02
differential non-linearity JS-02-06
differential optical absorption R-01-03
digital brain pet N-33-03
digital breast tomosynthesis MIC-18-02
digital calorimeter #1991
digital calorimetry R-07-04
digital design JS-02-06
digital electronics MIC-18-02
digital imaging R-12-04
digital integration JS-02-06
digital light processing (dlp) JS-02-06
digital phantom MIC-18-02
digital photon counting R-03-04
digital positron emission tomography R-12-04
digital pulse processor (dpp) MIC-17-02
digital radiography R-12-04
digital readout N-38-04
digital signal processing R-02-01R-01-02N-38-04R-11-03
digital sipm #2130
digital waveform analysis MIC-18-05
digital-to-time converter JS-02-06JS-02-06
digitizer JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02
dirac JS-01-01
dirc R-06-01
direct MIC-18-02
direct charge converstion MIC-18-06
direct dark matter search JS-02-06
direct detector N-38-04
direct parametric image reconstruction R-03-04
direct radiation detectirs #2321
direct reconstruction R-11-02
directionality R-01-02
discriminator N-33-05
displacement field R-12-04
distortion-free #1393
distribued computing JS-01-01
dmls collimator R-03-04
doi MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-01R-11-01R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04
doi decoding MIC-18-02
doi-pet detector MIC-18-02
domain transform R-03-02
dopamine release R-11-02R-12-04
dose R-03-04
dose distribution N-06-01
dose efficiency #2762
dose enhancement #2224N-06-02
dose imaging R-03-04
dose monitoring R-12-04
dose rate measurement JS-02-06
dose reduction MIC-18-02
dose verification #2098
dosimeter R-01-02#2517
dosimetry N-02-03R-12-04N-06-02JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06#1285M-08-01R-01-02R-01-02#2360#1653N-38-04
dosimetry concepts and apparatus N-02-03
double #2501
double beta decay R-01-02
double photon emission MIC-18-02
double-beta decay R-01-02
double-detector #1994
double-differential energy spectrum JS-02-06
double-q learning JS-02-06
dpp R-01-02
drift chamber JS-02-06
drift time N-38-04
drift tubes R-01-02
drift tubes upgrade R-01-02
driver boards R-01-02
drone R-06-05R-10-04
drs4 JS-02-06
dsp #2190N-21-01
dssc R-02-04
dual detection MIC-17-05
dual energy R-12-04
dual energy ct MIC-18-02R-03-04#2351
dual gating MIC-18-02R-03-04
dual injection R-12-04
dual isotope pet #1842
dual mode R-01-01
dual mode scintillator R-10-02
dual particle #2517
dual probe R-12-04
dual-channel segmented radiofrequency irradiation R-03-04
dual-ended detector R-12-04
dual-ended readout MIC-18-02R-03-04R-01-02
dual-energy ct R-12-04R-12-04
dual-energy imaging MIC-18-02
dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (dexa) R-12-04
dual-injection R-12-04
dwi R-12-04
dynamic cardiac spect R-03-04
dynamic compression N-02-05
dynamic computed tomography perfusion R-03-04
dynamic imaging MIC-18-02R-12-04
dynamic model M-08-01
dynamic parametric image R-11-02
dynamic pet R-03-04
dynamic pet imaging MIC-18-02
dynamic spect R-12-04
eadl M-15-05
earth observing system R-01-02R-07-05R-07-05
easypet R-03-04
ecal JS-02-06
edge finding R-03-03
edge illumination #2587
edxrf R-01-02
effective atomic number MIC-18-02R-01-02
efficiency JS-02-06
egsnrc M-08-03
eiger2 R-09-01
ej-276 JS-02-06
electric field N-38-04N-38-04R-11-05
electric field distribution R-12-04
electrical cooler R-02-04
electrical test R-02-01
electrically active defects #2321
electrode structure N-38-04
electroless deposition N-38-04
electromagnetic data libraries M-15-05
electron M-08-01
electron beam induced current #2140
electron counting R-09-01
electron linac JS-02-06
electron microscopy R-02-01
electron response function N-38-04
electron spectrometry N-38-04
electron tracking compton camera R-12-04
electronic noise #2215
electronic recoil #1753
electronics MIC-17-02MIC-18-02JS-02-06
electrons JS-02-06
electrons migration efficiencies R-01-02
elemental composition N-38-04
em iterative algorithm MIC-18-02
em-tv R-03-04
emission tomography MIC-18-03R-12-04N-33-03JS-02-06
emphatic JS-02-06
endf M-15-05
energy MIC-18-02
energy bin N-38-04
energy calculation M-12-04
energy dispersive xrd #2282
energy linearity R-03-04
energy measurement R-03-04
energy resolution #2259JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02R-06-03R-09-02R-09-02
energy resolution 3% MIC-17-04
energy resolution. R-12-04
energy resolving R-03-04
energy spectrum R-10-03N-38-04
energy window MIC-18-02
energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence #2570
energy-integrating ct R-12-04
energy-resolved neutron imaging R-11-03
energy-resolving ct R-12-04
enhance cest contrast R-03-04
enhanced radial basis function neural network MIC-18-02
ensdf M-08-03M-15-05
epdl M-15-05
epitaxial film N-38-04
epithermal neutron JS-02-06
epithermal neutrons R-10-02
error propagation M-15-02
esrf JS-02-06
estimation MIC-18-02
eu:licaf R-01-02
europium JS-02-06
eutectic JS-01-05
euv R-01-02
evaluated nuclear data library M-08-03N-27-06
event positioning R-12-04
ex-vivo MIC-18-02
excellent non-proportionality R-01-03
expectation-maximization algorithms R-03-04
experiment M-15-02
explorer R-03-04R-03-05
explorer consortium R-03-05
explorer pet/ct MIC-18-02
fabrication/process #1849
false positives R-12-04
fan beam collimator R-12-04
farcos R-01-02
fast advanced scintillator timing R-01-02
fast decay R-01-02
fast dynamic imaging R-03-05
fast estimation MIC-18-02
fast gamma ray detector JS-01-05
fast imaging R-09-01
fast light production MIC-18-01
fast neutron JS-02-06R-01-01R-01-02R-01-02
fast neutron detection JS-02-06
fast neutron detector R-01-02
fast neutron imaging JS-02-06N-21-02R-01-02
fast neutron inspection R-10-02
fast neutron sensor JS-02-06
fast neutrons R-01-01R-01-02
fast organic scintillator R-01-01
fast readout R-01-04
fast scintillator R-06-03
fast simulator R-10-03
fast timing #2254R-03-03N-06-01JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06#1465R-02-05R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-03R-06-05
fast timing detector JS-02-06
fast-detector N-38-04
fast-moving sensors N-38-04
fast-timing #2398R-01-01
fast/total R-01-02
fbp R-12-04
fdg pet-ct N-33-02
fdk algorithm JS-02-06
feature extraction MIC-17-04
feedback compensation techniques R-02-01
fel R-09-01
fers MIC-17-06
fibre R-01-02
fibre optics JS-02-06
field effect transistor N-38-04
field modulation MIC-18-02
field programmable gate array JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-05-03R-05-01
field programmable gate arrays R-02-05
field programmable gate arrays (fpga) JS-02-06
field-programmable gate array JS-02-06JS-02-06
filtered back-projection R-01-02
filtered back-projection (fbp) R-12-04
finfet #2215
finite element method MIC-18-02N-38-04
finite-difference time-domain R-01-02
finite-element method M-08-02
first pass R-11-02
first-order primal-dual MIC-18-02
fisher linear discriminant R-01-02
fission JS-02-06
flat panel detector N-38-04
flatpanel N-33-03
flexible electronics N-38-04
fluorescence detectors R-02-04
fluorescence imaging MIC-18-02R-03-04
fluorescent x-ray computed tomography #2197
fluorochemical surfactant JS-02-06
flux monitor JS-01-06
flying focal spot MIC-18-02
foreword model R-03-04
format M-08-03M-15-03
forward modeling R-06-02
fpga R-03-04JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06N-21-01R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-05-01#2277
fpga digitizer R-01-02
fpgas R-01-02
fragmentation R-05-02
framework JS-01-01
free electron lasers R-02-05
free-electron laser N-02-05R-05-03
free-streaming readout chain JS-02-06
freely moving R-03-04
frendy M-08-03N-27-06
frisch grid JS-02-04N-38-04
front end JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02
front end electronics R-01-02R-01-02
front-end JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02R-05-03
front-end electronics JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06R-02-01R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-05-03
front-end readout R-01-02
front-end readout system MIC-17-06
frontend circuit R-07-03
frontend electronics R-01-02
frontend-electronics #1788
ftm M-08-02
fukushima daiichi nuclear power station JS-02-06
fukushima npp R-01-02
full depletion JS-01-03
full-field imaging R-02-04
full-reference MIC-18-02
fully convolutional network MIC-18-02
fully differential amplifiers R-02-01
functional imaging MIC-18-02R-12-04
fwhm MIC-17-02
gaas JS-02-04MIC-18-06
gadolinium R-01-02R-06-01
gadolinium and boron neutron capture N-06-02
gafchromic films #1560
gagg R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02
gagg:ce #1818
gagg:ce scintillator R-01-02
gain R-01-02
gain bandwidth product JS-02-06
gain calibration N-02-05
gain measurement JS-02-06
gain switching N-02-05
gallium arsenide R-01-02
gamma camera MIC-17-04MIC-18-02R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04N-33-03R-01-02R-01-02MIC-18-04
gamma contamination R-01-02
gamma detection JS-01-05MIC-18-05
gamma detector R-01-02R-01-02
gamma discrimination R-01-02
gamma imager R-01-02
gamma imaging R-03-04JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02
gamma ray JS-01-04
gamma ray astronomy JS-02-06
gamma ray detection R-01-02N-38-04
gamma ray imaging. JS-02-06
gamma ray spectrum JS-02-06
gamma ray tracking R-01-02
gamma rays MIC-18-02JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02R-11-05
gamma response function R-01-02
gamma spectrometry R-06-03N-38-04
gamma spectroscopy MIC-17-06#1818JS-02-06JS-02-06
gamma tracker R-01-02
gamma-ray MIC-18-02JS-02-06N-38-04
gamma-ray astronomy M-08-05M-08-05
gamma-ray background R-10-04
gamma-ray burst JS-02-06
gamma-ray bursts M-08-05
gamma-ray detection MIC-18-02JS-01-06JS-02-06R-01-02R-07-03R-03-02R-10-03R-10-04R-10-04
gamma-ray detector N-38-04N-38-04R-11-03
gamma-ray detectors N-02-03MIC-18-02JS-01-06JS-02-06JS-02-06M-08-05R-01-02R-09-02JS-01-04N-38-04R-06-02
gamma-ray imaging R-03-04JS-02-06N-21-02N-21-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-06-05R-06-05R-06-05R-10-04MIC-18-04MIC-18-06
gamma-ray mapping #2504R-06-02
gamma-ray spectrometer N-38-04
gamma-ray spectrometers JS-01-04
gamma-ray spectrometry JS-02-06
gamma-ray spectroscopy R-01-02R-10-04N-38-04
gamma-ray spectrum R-01-02
gamma-ray transmission R-06-02
gamma-rays JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02JS-01-04N-38-04
gan N-33-05
gap filling R-03-04
gap2 JS-02-06
gaps R-05-03
garfield++ R-10-03
garnet JS-02-06
garnets JS-02-06R-01-03
gas detectors JS-01-01M-08-02R-05-02
gas electron multiplier R-01-02
gas scintillation R-03-04
gas-filled detector R-01-02
gaseous detector M-08-02R-02-01R-01-02
gaseous detectors JS-02-06R-01-02R-10-03R-09-05
gate MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-11-01R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04R-12-04R-01-02M-12-01
gate optical simulation R-01-02
gating R-12-04
gating grid M-08-02
gaussian interpolation MIC-18-02
gd-containing scintillator R-01-02
ge1/1 R-09-05
geant4 R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04JS-01-01JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02R-10-03R-10-03R-10-03#1143
geant4 monte carlo simulation R-12-04R-05-02
geant4 simulation JS-02-06R-01-02
geant4. R-01-02
geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes (gapd) R-12-04
gem MIC-18-02R-03-04JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02R-09-05R-05-02
gem detectors R-09-05
generalized linear least square analysis R-12-04
generation-recombination currents R-01-02
generative adversarial framework R-12-04
generative adversarial network MIC-18-02
generative adversarial networks MIC-18-02R-03-04R-03-04#2443
genetic algorithm R-01-02
geometric correction R-03-04
geometric sensitivities MIC-18-02
geometric tomography #1560
germanium sensors JS-02-06
germaniun R-02-04
ggag radiation imaging #1317
ghz hard x-ray imaging R-01-02
gibb's artifacts #2418
gibbs artifact R-03-04
gigabit transceiver JS-02-06
glass JS-02-06R-01-02
glass gem R-03-04
glass plate N-06-01
glcm MIC-18-02
glioblastoma R-03-04
glioma R-12-04
gold activation R-05-02
gold and silver ornaments R-06-02
gold nanoparticles #2224
gpu MIC-18-02R-12-04JS-02-06R-10-03M-12-01
gpu acceleration JS-02-06
gpu computing MIC-18-02MIC-18-02
gradient sparsity regularization #2546
gradient tree boosting MIC-18-01R-03-04
granular calorimeters R-01-02
gravimeter R-01-02
gravitational waves R-07-05
gravity JS-02-06
grazing incidence optics JS-02-06
grb JS-02-06
grid JS-01-01
gs20 R-01-02
gtb MIC-18-01
h-3 R-12-04
hadron R-06-03
hadron therapy MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-03-04R-12-04R-11-03
hadrontherapy R-03-03N-06-01N-21-01R-01-02
hadrontherapy verification N-21-01
hadrotherapy MIC-18-02
half value layer R-12-04
halide cystal R-01-02
halide scintillators JS-02-06
haloscope R-07-03
hard x ray focusing N-38-04
hard x-ray imager R-01-02
hard x-rays R-01-02
hardness JS-01-03
harsh envirobments JS-02-06
heart rate detection JS-02-06
heat pipe JS-02-06
heavy ion therapy N-02-03R-05-02
hecht relation N-38-04
helium R-01-02
hemodynamic maps R-03-04
hepatocellular carcinoma N-33-02
hexagon detector R-12-04
hexitec #2361N-38-04
hf- based scintillator R-01-03
hierarchical clusterization JS-02-06
high flux particle counting R-01-02
high capacitance JS-02-06
high count rate MIC-17-02MIC-17-06R-10-04
high detection efficiency R-01-02#1143
high dose gamma ray R-05-02
high dynamic range JS-02-06R-09-01
high energy MIC-18-02
high energy electron imaging MIC-18-02
high energy physics JS-01-01R-07-04R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-04R-01-04R-06-01R-05-01
high energy physics computing R-01-02
high energy physics detectors JS-01-03JS-02-06R-01-02
high energy physics experiments R-01-02
high energy physics instrumentation JS-02-06
high energy physics instrumentation computing R-01-02R-03-02R-09-02
high energy physics sensors R-06-01
high energy resolution R-11-05
high fill factor R-09-01
high flux #1054
high frame rate N-02-05
high granularity #1991
high luminosity JS-02-06R-01-02
high luminosity large hadron collider R-01-02
high pressure gas M-08-02
high radioactivity nuclear material JS-01-06
high rate JS-02-06JS-02-06
high rate spectroscopy JS-01-04
high resistivity N-38-04
high resolution MIC-18-02MIC-18-01R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-09-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04R-01-02R-01-03R-05-03
high resolution pet MIC-18-02
high signal-to-noise ratio R-01-02
high spatial resolution N-06-02R-01-02
high speed adc R-01-02
high speed electronics #2631
high speed readout N-21-01
high temporal resolution R-03-04
high-energy astrophysics JS-02-06M-08-05
high-energy detectors R-02-04
high-purity germanium R-10-04
high-purity germanium detectors R-02-01
high-rate R-05-03
high-resolution MIC-18-02R-03-04R-03-04R-09-04N-33-03
high-resolution imaging R-06-02
high-sensitivity R-03-04
high-speed readout R-02-04
high-temperature techniques JS-02-06
high-voltage JS-01-03
high-z #2762R-06-04
high-z sensor JS-02-04
high-z sensors JS-02-06
highly-integrated R-03-03
highly-multiplexed signal readout MIC-18-02
hil simulation R-01-02
histo-image MIC-18-03
histoimage. R-12-04
hl-lhc JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02R-01-04
homeland security JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02R-10-02R-10-04N-38-04
honeycomb R-01-02
horizontal-striped glass MIC-18-02
hounsfield unit R-12-04
hounsfield units R-03-04
hpc R-09-01
hpge JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02R-02-04
huber markov random field R-12-04
human articular cartilage R-12-04
hv MIC-17-02
hybrid N-38-04
hybrid detectors JS-01-03
hybrid flex JS-02-06
hybrid imaging R-12-04N-33-05
hybrid multiplexer R-03-04
hybrid of gravity search algorithm and error backpropagation algorithm MIC-18-02
hybrid pet R-12-04
hybrid pet-mr R-03-04R-09-04
hybrid pet/mri R-12-04
hybrid pixel array detector N-38-04
hybrid pixel counting R-09-01MIC-18-06
hybrid pixel detectors N-02-05R-01-02R-01-02#1653
hybrid pixels JS-02-06
hybrids #1964
hyper-kamiokande JS-02-06R-01-02R-06-01
hyperparameter selection MIC-18-03
hypr R-12-04
i-123 brain spect imaging R-12-04
iamond detector R-12-04
icg MIC-18-02
identification JS-02-06
image reconstruction MIC-18-03
image denoising R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04N-33-05
image filtering R-03-04
image lag N-38-04
image prediction R-11-02
image processing MIC-18-02R-12-04N-33-05JS-02-06
image quality MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-03-04R-03-04#1627R-12-04R-12-04N-33-05
image quality assessment MIC-18-02#1238
image reconstruction N-02-03MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-03MIC-18-03R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04#2351#2418R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04JS-02-06R-03-02R-10-04N-38-04M-12-01M-12-01M-12-01
image reconstruction techniques R-12-04
image registration MIC-18-02
image resolution R-03-04
image restoration R-03-04
image segmentation R-12-04R-10-04
image sensor R-02-04
image sensors N-06-01R-02-01
image standardization MIC-18-02#2443
image synthesis MIC-18-02
image-to-image translation R-12-04
imaging #2098MIC-18-02R-12-04JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02R-06-05
imaging calorimetry R-01-02
imaging reconstruction MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-12-04
imaging systems #2587
imaging— medical-diagnostic imaging R-03-04
implementation R-12-04
importance sampling R-03-04
imu JS-02-06
in vitro study N-06-02
in-beam pet R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04
in-beam positron emission tomography N-06-01
in-beam positron emission tomography (in-beam pet) R-12-04
in-beam positron emission tomography (pet) scanner R-12-04
in-beam γ-pet MIC-18-02
in-situ R-02-03
in-situ annealing JS-02-06
in-situ measurement R-01-02
in-situ temperature monitoring JS-02-06
in-vivo imaging R-03-04
industry R-06-04M-12-02
influx constant R-11-02
information barrier JS-02-06
infrared JS-02-06
infrared excitation N-38-04
infrared optical microscopy N-38-04
inner tracker JS-02-06
innovative radiotherapy R-12-04
inorganic scintillator R-01-02R-06-03
inorganic scintillators R-01-02
input function MIC-18-02
inspection M-12-02
inspection and repair M-12-02
instrument validation #2259
instrumentation MIC-18-02R-09-04R-12-04JS-01-01JS-01-06
instrumentation for fels N-02-05
instrumentation for particle beam therapy N-02-03
instrumentation: interferometers R-07-05
instruments and measurements— measurement techniques— calibration R-03-04
integral depth-dose JS-02-06
integrated circuit JS-02-06
integrated shielding R-03-04
integration time M-12-04
integration-mode R-11-01
intel d415 stereo depth camera MIC-18-02
intense radiation fields N-38-04
inter-chip pixel N-38-04
inter-frame difference R-01-02
interaction position determination R-12-04
interaction positions correction R-03-04
internal inspection of petroleum pipelines JS-02-06
international cooperation N-27-06
interstitial space R-03-04
interventional R-03-04
interventional radiology R-03-04
intra-frame correction R-03-04
intra-operative R-03-04
intraoperative R-11-01
intraoperative imaging R-03-04
intraoperative probe R-12-04
intrinsic detection efficiency JS-02-06
intrinsic efficiency R-12-04
intrinsic photopeak efficiency N-38-04
intrinsic scintillator R-01-03
introduction N-27-06N-27-06M-15-05M-15-02M-15-03M-15-03
inverse problems MIC-18-03
inverse beta decay R-01-02
inverse hilbert transform R-12-04
inverse problem R-03-04
inverse problem. R-11-01
ion back flow M-08-02
ion beams R-12-04
ion computed tomography R-12-04
ion range verification MIC-18-02
ion substitution MIC-18-05
ionization R-01-02
ionization measurement #1753
ionization-induced optical-modulation MIC-18-02
ionizing radiation detector N-38-04
ionizing radiation sensors JS-02-06
ir R-12-04
irdye® 800cw MIC-18-02
irregular motion R-03-04
ischemia disease MIC-18-02
isotope distribution R-01-02
iterative algorithms MIC-18-02R-03-04R-12-04
iterative image reconstruction #2546
iterative reconstruction MIC-18-02R-03-04
jendl M-08-03N-27-06
jfet JS-01-03
jfet readout structure JS-02-06
jfet switching JS-02-06
jfex N-21-01
joint reconstruction R-11-02R-12-04
jte-mesa terminated #1624
jungfrau JS-02-04
k-nearest neighbors MIC-18-01
k-shell emission JS-02-06
kalman filter R-10-04
kaon physics R-09-05
katherine R-01-02
kernel function R-03-04
kernel image reconstruction R-03-05
kernel method R-03-04
kernel trick M-12-02
kernelized pet reconstruction R-12-04
kinect M-12-02
kinetic model fitting R-12-04
kinetic modeling R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-11-02R-12-04R-12-04
kinetic modelling R-11-02
knn MIC-18-01
krypton analysis R-01-02
l1-norm MIC-18-02
l1topo N-21-01
labpet ii MIC-18-02R-12-04R-12-04
labr R-01-02
labr3:ce R-03-04JS-02-06
labr3:ce scintillator M-08-01
lamp R-06-05#2504
lanthanum bromide JS-02-06
lappd JS-02-06
large area JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02
large area detectors MIC-18-06
large area micromegas detector R-01-02
large area photomultipliers JS-02-06
large hadron collider JS-02-06R-01-04
large-area R-01-02
large-scale detection systems JS-02-06
larger volume N-38-04
laser JS-01-06R-01-02
laser calibration JS-02-06
laser compton gamma-ray beam R-01-02
laser doping R-11-05
laser drive R-01-02
laser irradiation R-11-05
laser spectroscopy R-12-04
laser-driven neutron source JS-02-06
lateral pencil beam positions R-12-04
lateral readout MIC-18-02
laue lens N-38-04
lcls R-01-02
lead isotopes R-01-02
lead oxide N-38-04
leading edge discriminator R-01-02
leaf reconstruction R-03-04
leakage current #1624
leapfrogging R-03-04
lesion segmentation N-33-02
lgad #2398R-01-01R-02-05R-09-01
lhaaso JS-02-06
lhc JS-01-01JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02R-02-03R-09-05
lhc upgrade JS-02-06
lhcb JS-02-06R-05-01
li glass JS-02-06
li-7 R-01-02
libraries M-15-02
licaf R-01-02
lidar MIC-17-02JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02
lif:zns(ag) R-10-03
light attenuation length R-01-02
light collection efficiency JS-02-06R-01-02
light extraction R-06-03
light field imaging MIC-18-02
light guide JS-02-06
light output JS-02-06R-01-02
light response function #2300
light response functions R-01-02
light sharing MIC-18-02R-12-04
light yield R-06-03
limite angle #2418
limited angle MIC-18-02
limited angle tomography R-11-01
limited data imaging MIC-18-02
line driver R-02-01
line-ellipse-line trajectory MIC-18-02
line-following navigation M-12-02
line-of-response R-12-04
linear accelerator R-01-02
linear electron accelerator (linac) R-01-02
linear models JS-02-06
linear tomosynthesis R-03-04
linogram #2359
linux JS-02-06
liob MIC-18-02
liquid argon JS-01-05
liquid noble gas experiments R-02-01
liquid xenon N-02-03MIC-18-02
liquid xenon. #1753
list-mode data acquisition R-03-04
list-mode reconstruction MIC-18-02
listmode R-03-04
listmode data R-03-04
lithium R-01-02
lithium glass scintillator JS-02-06
lithium niobate R-03-03
local correlation R-03-04
localization JS-02-06JS-02-06
long axial field of view R-03-05
long axial field-of-view N-33-03
long-wavelength pass filter R-01-02
low activity imaging R-11-01
low activity measurement R-03-04
low activity measurements R-03-04
low cost JS-02-06
low count MIC-18-02
low counts R-03-04
low dose MIC-18-02R-03-04
low dose ct MIC-18-02N-33-05
low earth orbit satellites R-01-02R-07-05
low energy electrons JS-02-06
low energy threshold R-07-03
low gain avalanche detector JS-02-06
low gain avalanche detectors R-01-04
low gain avalanche diodes JS-02-06
low noise front end electronics JS-02-06
low noise front-end electronics JS-02-06
low power R-02-01
low temperature co-fired ceramics (ltcc) M-08-02
low temperature detectors R-07-03
low-cost nuclear detectors R-11-05
low-cost photodiode N-38-04
low-dose ct R-03-04
low-dose pet imaging R-12-04
low-dose simulation R-03-04
low-noise R-05-03
low-noise charge processing JS-02-06
low-noise design #2215
low-noise frontend N-02-05
low-noise image sensors R-02-01
low-noise preamplifier R-01-02
low-power low-noise R-05-03
low-rank MIC-18-02
low-statistics R-03-04
lp-ntpet R-11-02R-12-04R-12-04
lp-ntpet model MIC-18-02
lpgbt R-01-04
ltcc JS-02-06
lu-176 background R-03-04R-03-04
luminescence MIC-18-02JS-02-06R-01-01N-38-04
lutetium yttrium oxyorthosilicate (lyso) R-12-04
lutetium-based scintillator R-12-04
lyso JS-01-03JS-02-06JS-02-06
lyso-gapd pet detector R-03-04
machine learning MIC-17-04MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-01R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04#2443R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04N-33-05JS-01-01JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06N-21-02R-02-05R-01-02R-01-02#2277N-38-04
machine learning algorithms R-03-02
machine learning. R-12-04
machine-learning MIC-18-02
macro-parameters estimation R-11-02
mae resolution MIC-18-02
maf R-03-04
magic angel R-12-04
magnetic field R-01-02
magnetic resonance imaging MIC-18-02R-01-02
magnetic spectrometer R-01-02
mammography MIC-18-02R-12-04N-38-04MIC-18-06
manifold learning R-03-02
map R-03-04
map pet image reconstruction R-12-04
map reconstruction MIC-18-02
mapb MIC-18-05
mapbbr3 N-38-04N-38-04MIC-18-05
mapmt R-01-02
mapping N-38-04M-12-02
maps R-03-04N-06-01R-01-02#1991
mass quantification R-03-02
material analysis #2197
material budget imaging MIC-18-02
material decomposition R-12-04
material discrimination N-21-02
material identification MIC-18-02R-01-02R-10-02N-38-04
material testing reactor N-24-04
material testing reactor (mtr) JS-01-06
materials accountancy JS-02-06
matlab MIC-18-02M-12-02
matrix inversion tomosynthesis R-03-04
matrix isolation R-07-03
maximum likelihood R-03-04R-03-04JS-02-06N-21-02R-01-02
maximum likelihood estimation #2181
maximum likelihood estimation maximization R-10-04
mca M-12-02
mcnpx R-03-04
mcp R-01-02R-09-02
mcp-pmt R-01-02
md R-03-04
mean time R-05-01
measurement condition check JS-01-06
median root prior MIC-18-02
medical image reconstruction R-03-04
medical image segmentation R-12-04
medical imaging N-06-01R-05-03R-06-02
medical linear accelerator R-12-04
medical physics R-01-02#2360
medical x-ray sensor JS-02-06
medipix JS-02-04#2762N-38-04
medipix3 JS-02-06
medipix3rx MIC-18-06R-06-04
megalib MIC-18-02R-03-04
meta-learning MIC-18-02
metal artefact reduction R-03-04
metal oxide nanoparticles R-12-04
metal- semiconductor interface N-38-04
metal-semiconductor contact R-01-02
metallization N-38-04
methods standardization R-12-04
mev JS-02-06
mev gamma-ray imaging M-08-05
mev x-ray R-12-04
mice R-03-04
mice experiments R-12-04
micro aerial vehicles M-12-02
micro-bump MIC-17-06
micro-channel plate (mcp-pmt) R-01-02
micro-channel plate detector R-01-02
micro-channel plate photomultiplier JS-02-06
micro-columnar film JS-02-06
micro-ct MIC-18-02R-09-04
micro-pattern gaseous detector R-12-04
micro-strip sensors JS-02-06
micro-vascular heterogeneity R-12-04
microbeam radiation therapy N-02-03
microcalcification MIC-18-02MIC-18-06
microchannel plate #2140JS-02-06JS-02-06M-08-01R-01-02
microchannel plate photomultiplier R-09-02
microchannel plate photomultiplier tube #1652
microchannel plate pmt (mcp-pmt) MIC-18-01
microchannel plates R-02-05
microchannels JS-02-06
microcolumnar scintillator R-01-03
microdosimetry N-02-03JS-02-06#1943
micromega JS-02-06
micromegas R-12-04
micropattern gas detectors M-08-02
microspect R-03-04
microstrip rf coil R-12-04
microstrips R-01-02
microstructured neutron detectors #1143
microwave imaging R-01-02
mid-size animal R-12-04
mim #2291
miniature neutron sensor R-01-02
miniexplorer ii pet/ct N-06-02
minimal shield pet insert R-03-04
minimally invasive intervention MIC-18-02
misalignment MIC-18-02
missing slice images MIC-18-02
mixed analog digital integrated circuits R-02-05
mixed powder JS-02-06
mixed radiation fields #1416
mixture analysis MIC-18-02
mixture models MIC-18-02R-03-04
ml R-03-04
mlaa R-12-04
mlem R-03-04R-06-05
mlem algorithm JS-02-06
mobile gamma camera N-06-02
mobile gamma ray imaging JS-02-06
mobility lifetime product MIC-18-05
mobility-lifetime R-11-05
mobility-lifetime product N-38-04
model based iterative reconstruction #2616
model of contacts R-11-05
model-based bootstrap R-03-04
modelling M-08-01
modulation transfer function R-06-03
molecular breast imaging R-12-04
molecular imaging MIC-18-02R-09-04#2570R-12-04
mom #2291
monitoring M-12-02
monoenergetic gamma R-10-02
monolithic R-02-05
monolithic active pixel sensors R-07-04
monolithic active pixel sensors (maps) R-03-03
monolithic crystal MIC-18-02MIC-18-01R-03-04R-12-04JS-02-06
monolithic crystals MIC-18-02R-09-04
monolithic detector R-03-05R-12-04R-12-04
monolithic ring R-03-04
monolithic scintillator MIC-18-02MIC-18-01R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04R-12-04JS-02-06
monte carlo MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04R-12-04JS-02-06JS-02-06M-08-03M-08-03R-01-02R-01-02R-03-02R-10-03N-38-04M-15-05
monte carlo gate simulation R-03-04
monte carlo method R-03-04R-03-02
monte carlo method. MIC-18-02
monte carlo methods M-08-01N-38-04
monte carlo modelling JS-01-01
monte carlo simulation MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-11-01R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04JS-02-06M-08-01M-08-01M-08-03R-01-02R-02-04R-03-02N-38-04
monte carlo simulation-based correction R-12-04
monte carlo simulations R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04N-38-04M-15-02
monte carlo simulazion R-01-02
monte-carlo simulation R-03-04
montecarlo simulation MIC-18-02
mosfet modeling R-02-01
motion correction R-03-04
motion artifacts MIC-18-02
motion blur R-12-04
motion compensation MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-03-04R-12-04
motion control R-03-04
motion correction MIC-18-02MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04#1412#1567#2677
motion estimation MIC-18-02R-12-04
motion monitor R-12-04
motion tracking MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-03-05R-12-04#1412#2677
mpfd JS-01-06
mpgd JS-02-06JS-02-06M-08-02R-01-02R-01-02R-09-05
mph R-12-04
mppc MIC-17-02MIC-17-02MIC-17-05MIC-17-05MIC-17-05MIC-18-02R-03-04JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02
mppc, R-01-02
mr-brainpet R-12-04
mr-compatible R-03-04
mr-compatible multiple-resolution pet (mr2-pet) R-03-04
mri MIC-18-02MIC-18-02R-03-04R-12-04R-12-04#2300
mri compatibility R-12-04
mri compatibl R-09-04
mrt N-02-03
mtd #1809
mu2e R-06-01R-06-01
multi-bed R-12-04
multi-channel R-01-02
multi-channel analyser MIC-17-02
multi-chip asic JS-02-06
multi-detector system R-12-04
multi-frame data R-03-04
multi-layer detector R-01-02
multi-nuclide imaging MIC-18-02
multi-organ segmentation R-03-04
multi-panel system R-03-04
multi-pinhole MIC-18-02#2629
multi-pinhole collimator MIC-18-02R-12-04
multi-pixel photon counter R-03-04
multi-pixel-type photon counting detector R-12-04
multi-radiation generator JS-02-06
multi-sequence mri R-03-04
multi-slat collimator R-12-04
multi-source R-12-04
multi-spectral analysis R-06-02
multi-threshold differential discriminator(mdd) R-01-02
multi-tracers R-11-02
multi-voltage-threshold R-03-04
multicentre MIC-18-02
multicentric #2443
multichannel #2190
multichannel preamplifer R-01-02
multichannel readout R-01-02
multicolor imaging R-03-04
multileaf collimator (mlc) R-03-03
multimessenger JS-02-06
multimodal imaging #2259
multimodal sensors JS-02-06
multiple coulomb scattering R-11-01
multiple injections MIC-18-02
multiple scattering R-01-02
multiple sensor fusion JS-01-01
multiple-hit R-01-02
multiple-isotope imaging MIC-18-02
multiplexing circuit JS-02-06
multiplexing method R-03-04
multiplicity counting R-05-01
multithread R-10-03
multplexing readout MIC-18-02
muography JS-02-06R-07-05
muon JS-02-06R-01-02
muon chambers R-09-05
muon detector performances R-09-05
muon imaging R-01-02
muon scattering tomography JS-02-06
muon tomography R-10-04
muon trigger JS-02-06
muon trigger hl-lhc fcc drift tubes future hadron collider R-01-04
mura R-01-02
mutli-element sdd MIC-17-02
mwpc R-01-02
myocardial blood flow R-03-04
myocardial perfusion MIC-18-02
myocardial perfusion imaging MIC-18-02R-12-04
n-type doping MIC-18-05
n/γ pulse shape discrimination R-01-02
nai scintillator R-01-02
nai(tl) crystals MIC-17-04
nai(tl) scintillator JS-02-06
nai(tl) spectrometry M-12-04
nail MIC-17-05
nano-composites JS-02-06
nanocomposites #1465
nanoimprinting. R-06-03
nanoparticles R-06-03N-38-04
nd:yag JS-01-06
nda R-01-02
ndt JS-02-06#1054R-06-04
nec R-12-04
necr MIC-18-02R-03-04R-12-04
nema R-12-04R-12-04
nema characterization R-03-04
nema for pet #1238
nema image quality R-03-04
nema nu2 validation R-12-04
nema phantom #2348
network R-01-02
neural network MIC-18-02MIC-18-03MIC-18-03R-03-04R-03-04R-03-04R-11-02R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04R-12-04R-01-02
neural networks N-02-03MIC-18-02R-12-04N-38-04
neuro oncology #2259
neurotransmitter activation parameter MIC-18-02
neurotransmitter response R-11-02
neutrino R-01-02R-06-01R-06-01#2023
neutrino detector JS-02-06
neutrino experiment JS-02-06
neutrinos R-07-05
neutron R-03-04JS-02-06JS-02-06M-08-02R-01-02R-01-02R-02-03R-06-05
neutron and gamma detectors R-01-02
neutron capture N-06-02R-01-02R-06-01
neutron computed tomography R-01-03
neutron damage JS-01-03
neutron detection #1818JS-01-05R-01-01R-01-01R-01-02R-06-05N-38-04
neutron detector JS-01-05JS-01-06JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02
neutron detectors JS-01-01JS-01-06JS-02-06R-01-02#1240R-05-01N-38-04
neutron diffractometer R-01-02
neutron dose rate meters #1240
neutron dosimetry JS-02-06
neutron energy spectrometer JS-02-06
neutron generator JS-01-06R-07-03
neutron imaging JS-02-06R-01-02R-01-02R-01-02R-06-05R-10-02R-10-02R-05-02R-05-02
neutron imaging detector JS-02-06
neutron irradiation JS-02-06N-38-04
neutron mapping R-06-05#2504
neutron monitor R-01-02
neutron pulse width JS-02-06
neutron radiation R-01-02
neutron radiography R-01-03
neutron resonance R-10-02
neutron resonant analysis JS-02-06
neutron scatter camera JS-02-06R-06-05
neutron scattering R-01-01
neutron science JS-02-06R-01-02
neutron semiconductor detector N-38-04
neutron source R-01-02
neutron spectrometry JS-02-06
neutron spectroscopy R-01-01R-01-02#1416#1624
neutron tracker #2130
neutron-gamma discrimination JS-02-06R-01-02
neutron/gamma discrimination R-01-01
neutron/gamma identification R-01-02
neutron/gamma imaging N-21-02
neutronics M-08-03
neutrons JS-02-06JS-02-06R-01-01R-01-02R-05-02R-05-02N-27-06
newton's method R-12-04
nexo JS-02-06
next-generation clinical system R-12-04
nitrogen gas R-01-01
nm R-01-02
no-reference MIC-18-02
noble gas and liquid detectors JS-01-05R-07-03
noise correlation R-03-04
noise equivalent count rate N-33-03
noise modeling R-03-04
noise reduction N-33-05
noise texture MIC-18-02
non-attenuation corrected MIC-18-02
non-convex MIC-18-02
non-destructive assay JS-02-06