2021 IEEE Symposium on Radiation Measurements and Applications
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Keyword Contributions
3d cdznte TD-07-02
aboveground antineutrino detection TD-08-02
activation TD-12-02
active interrogation TD-12-01TD-12-01TD-08-02PS-01-01PS-01-01
air cargo inspection PS-01-01
alpha particles TD-11-04
am-li replacement TD-08-04
amorphous selenium TD-11-04
amorphous silicon TD-11-04
antineutrinos TD-09-03
artificial neural network TD-11-04
associated particle imaging TD-11-04TD-11-04TD-12-01TD-08-02
background correction TD-12-01
bi-modal imaging TD-11-04
border monitoring TD-11-04
boron neutron converter TD-11-04
cbrne sensing TD-09-03
cdte TD-11-04
cdznte TD-12-01
ceramic TD-11-04
ceramic scintillator TD-08-02
cllbc TD-12-01
co-doping PS-01-04
compact lightweight imager TD-11-04
compressed sensing TD-08-02
compton imaging TD-11-04
convolutional neural networks TD-12-01
cross-lingual natural language processing TD-09-03
cryocooler TD-07-02
crystal growth TD-11-04TD-12-02
cs3cu2i5 PS-01-04
current mode TD-11-03
cvd diamond TD-11-04
data analysis TD-07-04
data assimilation TD-10-02
deep denoising autoencoder TD-12-01
deep learning TD-12-01TD-07-02
deep learning approach TD-12-01
deep learning technique TD-12-01
delayed neutrons PS-01-01PS-01-01
depth of interaction TD-11-04
detection networks TD-09-03
detector development TD-12-01
detector quantum efficiency TD-11-03
deuterated scintillators TD-11-04
diamond detector PS-01-04
digital pulse analisys TD-12-01
digital signal processing TD-12-04
digital tomosynthesis TD-12-01
directional detection TD-12-01
directionality TD-12-01
domain knowledge extraction from unstructured data TD-09-03
doping TD-12-02
dose TD-10-03
double scatter TD-12-04
double side readout TD-08-02
dual n-gamma detection TD-07-04
dual-energy material decomposition TD-10-02
dual-mode TD-11-04
dual-particle imager TD-11-04
dynamic state tracking TD-10-02
eli-np TD-08-04
embedded neutron detector TD-08-04
encoded imagers TD-12-01
end-to-end simulation TD-11-03
energy resolution TD-11-04TD-12-01
energy tuning TD-09-03
fast neutron detectors TD-12-02
feature engineering TD-12-01
fission chains TD-10-02
flexible substrate TD-11-04
front-end electronics TD-12-04
gagg TD-08-02
gamma detectors TD-12-02
gamma ray imaging TD-08-02
gamma ray source TD-08-04
gamma source imaging TD-11-04
gamma spectroscopy TD-07-02TD-07-04PS-01-01
gamma-ray detection TD-12-01PS-01-04
gamma-ray detector TD-12-02
gamma-ray imaging TD-11-04TD-08-02TD-08-02
gamma-ray imaging in a complex gamma/neutron environment TD-11-04
gamma-ray spectra TD-12-01
gamma-ray spectroscopy TD-07-04TD-09-03
gamma-rays PS-01-04
geant4 TD-11-04TD-08-02TD-08-04TD-11-03TD-11-03
gel scintillator TD-11-04
graphical approach TD-11-04
hard x-ray imaging TD-11-04
he-4 detector TD-11-04
high energy TD-11-04
high flux condition TD-12-01
high-rate gamma-ray spectroscopy TD-12-01
homeland security TD-11-04TD-12-01
hpge TD-12-01TD-07-02
image reconstruction TD-11-04
imaging TD-11-04TD-12-04
in-beam neutron activation analysis TD-10-03
inelastic gamma spectroscopy TD-11-04
interpretability and explainability TD-12-01
inverse compton scattering TD-08-04
ionized track structure TD-11-03
isotopic discrimination PS-01-01
labr3 TD-07-02
laser-driven mev photon source TD-08-04
laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy TD-12-01
laser-plasma accelerator TD-08-04
laser-plasma-acceleration TD-08-04
li-doped pulse-shape-sensitive plastic scintillator TD-08-02
light collection modeling TD-12-01
light detection TD-11-04
light yield TD-12-02TD-12-02
liinse2 TD-12-04
linear TD-11-04
lithium TD-11-04
locally competitive algorithm TD-12-01
low-dose x-ray imaging TD-12-01
machine learning TD-12-01TD-12-01TD-12-01TD-12-01TD-12-01TD-07-04TD-10-02
magnetic microcalorimeter PS-01-04
mapb TD-11-04
mapping TD-12-01
megavoltage radiography pandel TD-11-03
mev gamma ray TD-08-04
microcalorimeters TD-09-03
modeling and simulation TD-12-01
modulation pattern TD-11-04
modulation transfer function TD-11-03
monitoring TD-10-03
monte carlo simulation TD-12-01
monte carlo simulations TD-12-01
mps applications TD-08-04
multi-sensor data fusion TD-10-02
muon tomography TD-12-01
nai PS-01-04
nanocomposites TD-11-04
nanoparticles TD-11-04
nanoscale light transport TD-11-04
nda TD-09-03
neptunium PS-01-01
networked communications TD-09-03
neutron TD-11-04TD-10-03
neutron activation TD-07-04
neutron beam linear chopper TD-10-03
neutron capture TD-10-03
neutron detection TD-11-04TD-12-01TD-10-03TD-12-02
neutron elastic scattering TD-12-01
neutron generator TD-12-01
neutron generator control system TD-08-04
neutron imaging TD-11-04TD-11-04TD-08-02TD-08-02TD-08-02TD-12-02TD-12-04
neutron interrogation TD-11-04TD-11-04
neutron resonance transmission analysis TD-08-04
neutron scattering TD-07-04
neutron scintillator TD-11-04
neutron spectroscopy TD-11-04TD-11-04TD-12-01
neutron tomography TD-11-04
neutrons TD-10-02TD-12-04
nitrogen-16 TD-09-03
nitrogen-17 TD-09-03
non-negative least square TD-11-04
non-negative matrix factorization TD-12-01
non-proportionality TD-12-01
nonproliferation TD-12-01
nrta TD-08-04
nuclear data TD-12-01TD-07-04
nuclear detonation PS-01-04
nuclear forensics PS-01-04
nuclear materials TD-12-01
nuclear safeguards TD-07-04PS-01-04
nustar asic TD-11-04
object tracking TD-10-02
open source data analytics TD-09-03
open-source data analytics TD-12-01
optical surface model TD-12-01
organic glass scintillator TD-12-04
organic scintillator TD-10-03
organic scintillators TD-12-02TD-12-02
parallax error TD-11-04
partially sampled imaging TD-12-01
passive interrogation TD-12-01
passive snm detection TD-11-04
perovskite TD-11-04
perovskite single crystal PS-01-04
photoneutron source TD-11-04
photonic crystals TD-11-04
photosensor TD-11-04
picosecond time resolution TD-11-04
pile-up TD-12-01
pileup correction TD-07-02
pileup rejection TD-12-01PS-01-01
pixelated TD-12-01
pixelated detectors TD-07-02
plastic scintillator TD-12-01TD-12-01
plastic scintillators TD-11-04
pli neutrons PS-01-01
poisson likelihood TD-11-03
polysiloxanes TD-11-04
portable TD-07-02
position sensitive detector readout TD-11-04
principal component analysis TD-07-02
proton dose PS-01-04
pseudo-energy discrimination TD-11-04
pulse height estimation TD-07-02
pulse pile-up recovery TD-12-01
pulse shape discrimination TD-11-04TD-12-01TD-12-01TD-12-01TD-08-02TD-12-04PS-01-01
pulse shape discrimination (psd) TD-12-01
quantum dots TD-11-04TD-11-04TD-11-04
radiation detection TD-11-04TD-11-04TD-12-01TD-12-01PS-01-04
radiation hard TD-11-04
radiation imaging TD-11-04TD-12-01TD-12-01
radiation localization TD-12-01
radiation mapping TD-12-01
radiation therapy TD-12-01
radiological search TD-10-02
radiological source search TD-11-03
radioxenon TD-12-01
region-of-interest TD-12-01
regularization TD-07-04
reinforcement learning TD-12-01
resolution <3% TD-12-01
rfq PS-01-01
rotational modulation collimator (rmc) TD-11-04
rvr TD-12-01
scintillation detector TD-11-04
scintillation light pulse TD-12-01
scintillation modelling TD-11-03
scintillator TD-11-04TD-12-02PS-01-04
scintillator materials TD-11-03
scintillator readout TD-11-04
scintillators TD-11-04TD-12-02TD-12-02
semiconductor TD-11-04
semiconductor radiation detectors TD-12-01
sensor network TD-12-01
sensor networks TD-12-01
shielding TD-11-04
short pulse neutron source TD-09-03
short-lived radionuclides TD-10-03
single-energy material decomposition TD-10-02
sipm TD-07-02
sipms TD-11-04
snm detection TD-11-04
solar photovoltaic panels PS-01-04
source attribution TD-10-02
source search TD-12-01
special nuclear material TD-11-04
spectral shaping TD-09-03
spent fuel analysis TD-08-04
spread out bragg peak TD-12-01
stilbene TD-12-01TD-12-01
strontium iodide TD-12-01
sub-pixel TD-12-01
subcritical experiments TD-11-03
surface treatments TD-11-04
thallium TD-11-03
thallium bromide TD-11-04
the e-linac energy and power TD-11-04
theory/modelling TD-11-03
thermal neutron imaging TD-11-04
thomson scattering TD-08-04
time correlations TD-10-02
tin oxide TD-11-04
ultra-high resolution for halide scintillators TD-12-01
ultrafast spectroscopy PS-01-04
ultraviolet photodetectors TD-11-04
uncertainty quantification TD-11-04
unfolding TD-07-04
unsupervised models TD-12-01
uranium TD-12-01
uranium enrichment TD-10-02
uranium hexafluoride TD-07-04
uranium hexafluouride TD-10-02
voltage-amplitude to pulse-width conversion TD-11-04
warhead verfication TD-08-04
warhead verification TD-08-04
wearable system TD-12-01
x-ray imaging TD-11-04
x-ray spectrum compensation TD-10-02